1 hour TV and Feature Documentary

BRAZEN HUSSIES for the first time reveals an exciting and revolutionary chapter in Australian history, the Women’s Liberation Movement (1965 -1975). Interweaving freshly uncovered archival footage, personal photographs, memorabilia and lively personal accounts from activists all around Australia,  BRAZEN HUSSIES shows us how a daring and diverse group of women joined forces to defy the status quo, demand equality and create profound social change. Contributing to one of the greatest social movements of the 20th Century, at times at great personal cost.

This feature documentary shows the moment the fuse was lit on the Women’s Movement in Australia. It is full of the raw energy and determination that fuelled feminism for the next 50 years.

Writer & Director - Catherine Dwyer

Producers - Philippa Campey and Andrea Foxworthy

Executive Producer - Sue Maslin

Consultant - Larissa Behrendt

Script Editor - Annette Blonksi

Developed with the assistance of Film Victoria, Screen Australia and the Documentary Australia Foundation


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There has never been a documentary that comprehensively documents and analyses the Australian experience of one of the greatest social and political movements of the 20thcentury. There is a lost history of social organising,  activism and widespread personal and political change that is ripe for reviewing. Because of this movement, laws were rewritten, language changed, public space and personal liberties were radically redefined.
There is currently an enormous groundswell of activity around women’s rights, gender politics and feminism. Brazen Hussies is a call to action and a vehicle to further these debates now. 

For the first time, BRAZEN HUSSIES tells the story of the bold women of the Women's Liberation Movement who re-ignited the feminist revolution in Australia.