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With exclusive and intimate access to one of Australia’s National Living Treasures – Michael Leunig - this feature documentary will entertain, engage and enliven audiences everywhere with a revealing portrait of an enigmatic artist who just happens to be a household name. With an anarchic, playful and life affirming heart, the film celebrates self-expression, friendship, life and death, and the power of the imagination to ignite, enrage, heal and inspire.

Writer & Director - Kasimir Burgess

Producers - Philippa Campey & Kasimir Burgess

Executive Producer - Documentary Australia Foundation 

Financed by: Screen Australia, Film Victoria, DAF, Nude Run, The Post Lounge, Madman Entertainment

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Combining stop-motion animation, 360-degree sound and VR, Passenger speaks of a recent migrant who has been reluctantly transported from her homeland to Melbourne. Passenger uses articulated-puppets, miniature sets and paper cut-outs and immersive sound, creating a transformative experience that mirrors the geographical and cultural shifts migrants are forced to make. 

Writers & Directors & Animators - Isobel Knowles & Van Sowerwine  

Producers - Philippa Campey

Financed by: Screen Australia