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With unseen archival footage, home movies, photographs and in-depth interviews, BRAZEN HUSSIES introduces contemporary audiences to an exciting and revolutionary chapter in Australian history.  As participants recall their involvement in the women’s movement, the film reveals how a diverse group of activists were ridiculed in the media, faced resistance at home, and were sometimes arrested, in their fight to make great social change. Brazen Hussies pays homage to their achievements and legacy, while highlighting that the feminist fight remains as relevant and urgent today. 



Aging patriarch, Franco Cozzo, holds court over a fading furniture empire. A pioneer of TV-advertising, Franco’s tri-lingual catchphrase sparked a cult-of-personality as kitsch as his baroque bed-heads. But his character is more than caricature. Propelled by ego and aspiration, Franco’s journey from rural Sicily to the high streets of Melbourne is marked by fame, fortune and family fiasco.

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As the South Sudanese community in the western suburbs of Melbourne faces a media storm with reports of gang violence, their elders decried as incompetent, young South Sudanese leader and filmmaker Ez Eldin Deng has a plan. Armed with a camera and teamed up with collaborator and documentary filmmaker, Hollie Fifer, this film will challenge the stereotypes and reveal a version of his community not often heard or seen in mainstream media.



In January 2017, 40 girls and gender diverse youth aged 11 to 17 converge in Brunswick for the inaugural week-long GIRLS ROCK! MELBOURNE Camp.  Greeting them are local female rock legends, punked up teachers, students and youth workers, all keen to empower the participants through rock n roll.  Over the course of the week, and months after camp, we follow three participants and their bandmates and coaches, as they struggle to find their sense of belonging and identity through music.